Team Names/Themes List

We are currently looking at a new name for the combined teams that I am coaching. We want to make sure that we aren’t using a name that is used by another team or a similar theme. Does anyone know where a list like this exists?

Nate Edwards

I don’t know of a list such as this, but I would venture to guess that the combined brain-power of CD could probably tell you whether or not someone else is already using it.

On another topic, it’s not that bad to use a theme that is already in use. For example, there are a large number of teams (even high-profile teams) who wear tie-dye, and there are a large number of teams who have common high school names/mascots (Bulldogs, Spatans, Chiefs etc).

As a general thing, you don’t really want to share a name/look with a “big name” team.

You might, for a list, try TBA. However, note that that will be hard to do, because the information is on the team pages and there isn’t really a good way to list it.

Looking at the team names you have, I think you have some options. You could combine the names, you could come up with something completely off the wall, you name it. Bring the name on over here when you’re done and we’ll let you know if it is too close to another team’s name (or if it’s really going to matter due to distance/odds of playing each other).

I am sure that somewhere someone has a list of all the teams current and past.

Any ideas at where such data would be?

Mark McLeod (sp?) had a list somewhere. searches

Or even small teams, for that matter. I believe it was Buckeye 2007 that hosted 3 “Robocats”, including my own team. We decided to notify the announcer that we’ll just be “Bedford Robotics” for that competition.

So while you generally may not care about having a common theme, you should try to be as original as possible anyway. As Francis and Eric said, though, give us the name or names you’re considering, and the mind-boggling group here will let you know if it even comes close to another team’s identity.

FIRST wiki has a decent list.

Using conflicting gimmicks and names isn’t always a death blow. In fact, it can actually create really cool relationships. Obviously never intentionally name your team the LightningRoosters so that you can befriend the Thunderchickens, but it’s not the end of the world if you share a gimmick. For example, 1714 and 1086 both have blue uniforms and cheeseheads. We learned of this at Atlanta on 2008… “Why does a team from Virginia wear cheese???”. We then picked 1086 as alliance partners and enjoy talking to them every time we go to Atlanta. Perhaps someday a Cheese Head Alliance will win the Newton Division? :smiley:

Anyway, if you’re really concerned, you can ask here on Chief Delphi if a gimmick’s been done by a “big name team” or whatnot. has the links you want.

(Oh, and your spelling is correct, Akash.)

If your trying to come up with names/themes, you might enjoy this thread.

there also seem to be a lot of yellow/gold and black teams

Anyone can use this name: Team ROFLCOPTER

My team was almost ROFLCOPTER, it was our second choice after REX. I am fairly sure that no team is using it. Think about it, a roflcopter themed team!

Honestly, I think Nate is looking for something a bit more mature than Team ROFLCOPTER, Team Noobsauce, etc. The teams he mentors have a combined 13+ years experience in FRC (not exactly rookie types).

@Nate- good luck and feel free to bounce ideas of me if you want.

Yeah… Looking at the teams, one suggestion might be Albany Phantoms. I can’t think of any other teams that use the Phantom name/theme.

In 2002, team 341 had a student vote to determine our new name and theme (little did we know it would stick with us 7 years and counting!)

The finalists were Miss Daisy and Blood Sucking Wombats.

I was overruled.

I liked the daisy chain of flowers on the railing in the stands next to where the team sat at IRI. Of course, you could probably achieve that same happy, friendly, and approachable effect with Blood Sucking Wombats, though I could be wrong.

Most people didn’t seem to mind too much “If another team re-used your team’s name or the name of a past robot as their 2008 robot’s name… how would you feel about it?” in Ducky’s thread

That earlier post was about robot names… and I do not know if it would go over quite as well with some of the more unique team names.

Just a personal preference… (and a lesson learned from many summers of having to come up with neighborhood swim team names in my childhood)… the more unique the name/theme… the better and easier to remember.

A childhood favorite… The (Eveningwood Pool) Silver Pickles! We even made a giant paper-mache silver pickle complete with goggles and a cape that traveled to meets with us.

For example in FIRST… Teams like Exploding Bacon, The Holy Cows, Space Cookies, SPAM, or The Cheesy-Poofs are rarely confused for other teams due to the catchiness of their names. Other teams have strong themes… like Miss Daisy’s flowers, Raider Robotics’ Hawaiian shirts, The Devil Ducks, & Space Coast’s pink.

Some random mascot/theme suggestions follow…

-Silver Pickles (and if you use this one… I’d love a team shirt!)
-Aardvarks or Platipi
-Something related to Perforated Toilet Paper Rolls (Invented and Patented in Albany!)
-“The Dukes of Albany” -Could be morphed into a Knight or Dukes of Hazard theme.
-“The Outstanding Ocelots”
-Pirate theme
-Survivor/Castaway theme
-Hospital/ER theme
-Rusty Bolts
-The Short Circuits (Johnny 5 is Alive!)
-A pop-culture reference like the Edsel

I don’t know if any of that helps… but there it is.

If you are looking for a name with science/math terms included (cheesy, but awesome none-the-less), I have thought of a few, but Im not sure if they are real team names…

Torr-mentors- (tormentors)
Ionic- (iconic)
Pi-rotechnics- (pyrotechnics) my personal favorite :smiley:

maybe something like “The Terabolts” (terabytes)?