Team Names/Themes List

“You must spread some more reputation around before giving it to Jane Young”

Having Killer in our name has made it diffiuclt at times to spread a cheerful reputation. I wouldn’t change the name though.

You can always go with an element or a planet. Something with a common name, like how we are Team Mercury. Sometimes we play up the planet Mercury and space like we have the past few years, other times we play on the element mercury and its chemical symbol Hg (aka quick silver, which we’ve used for our robot names) and still other times we’ve played off the Roman god Mercury, the messanger. It makes it fun to be able to switch it up. Also, your theme and logo don’t really need to match I mean, we have a lightning bolt cause it’s cool. :cool:

I like… :slight_smile:

but yea, those kind of names are fun, and give people a chuckle (being a member of a team whose name has a similar concept “pi-oneer”, ive had people come up to me, laughing, and saying the name is clever and that they liked it) :slight_smile:

just a thought…

Keep in mind also that if your team doesn’t like the gimmick or thinks of a better one, there’s little stopping you from changing the team name. Teams as super awesome as the and the Holy Cows have done this.

The Cheesy Poofs have always been that name. They used to have a collaboration with the Bionic Bulldogs (60); together they were the Bionic Poofs.

I believe that that reference is actually a reference to the Bionic Bulldogs, FRC#0060. The Bionic Poofs was a name given to the collaboration of teams 254 and 60 around 2004. It sounds better than “Cheesy Bulldogs”…

General non-descript team names: anything with “robo-” or “techno-” (unless the second half is Katz or Ticks–those are already taken…) should probably be avoided, unless you can make it catchy. Ditto for “-bots” and “-botics”. Note that if you make it catchy or unique, it can actually work pretty well, but if it’s something like “Robo-mascot” or “Mascot-bot(ic)s”, it’s going to be hard to stand out.

Coud have sworn I heard “Bionic Poofs” being announced in an ancient video for team 254. Guess I needed my one completely wrong fact posted on CD for the week. :confused:

I believe their 04 robot was called the bionic poof.

Yes but you have those goofy awesome caps.

Well, on behalf of Temper Metal. I can say that the judges like to ask for the story behind your name. So, it is good to know what the person who thinks up the name was thinking. A few judges asked and each one got a different answer because many didn’t know exactly what the story was. I’m still not 100% sure, but I do love the name.

One other thing to think of…
The name should be catchy AND easy to say. Announcers (of which I am one) tend to shorten or make up their own nickname for teams that have hard to say names. Sometimes they are not the best and sometimes they get miss pronounced 'cause we talk so fast our brains can’t keep up (unless you are Paul C). :slight_smile:

The FIRST wiki page has teams, but it doesn’t have most of the team names.

A query like [ bobcat robotics]]( might help you dodge any potential duplicates!