Team Names

We are discussing a team name and we came up with the idea MARS. Now we were wondering if any other team already has this name?

I Know for a fact a team at Pittsburgh this year hard this name. Not sure of a team number for you.

Edit: Team number 2614, Team MARS, from Morgantown MV,

Easy way to find out:

2614 would seem to have the MARS name taken. Repeated names in FIRST aren’t unheard of, but it’s good to avoid it if you can help it, particularly if the team is near you.

Team 1523 out of Florida is also named MARS.

As they’re in MI (and the others are in WV or farther), the distance factor comes into play, so they should be OK.

However, the first thing I thought of was 1523, so maybe it’s not the greatest idea.

Considering I was at Buckeye a few years ago and there were three teams called the Robocats there I don’t think you should sweat so much about the name really. Go with what best represents what you are about and work on building your program from the ground up so it will last.

Playing with your school name is always good. Our team is called Webb Robotics after our school and we have done some cool spider themes.
It also reduces the chances another school will have the same name since most teams choose their schools mascots as a jumping off point.

Problem being we consist of multiple teams and one day want to be free of schools.

At the WPI regional this year there was a rookie team that was also the Bobcats. They obviously had no way of knowing who we are or what would happen being at the same event. That being said Andy Grady when announcing the matches they were in referred to them as “The Other Bobcats”. This was really funny when we were partnered and against each other.