Team near Surprise Az?

My Niece is from Surprise AZ and her son is interested in joining a team. Is there a team nearby or in Surprise? If so, I need contact info! Thanks for the help!

I couldn’t find any actually in Surprise, but I found a bunch that seem to be fairly close. Try usingFIRST’s team + event search! Good luck!

Thanks! I found one nearby but don’t see any contact info. I’ll google some more. Thanks again!

While my team is not as close as some may be, I am a mentor for AZ Community Robotics, or better known as “Team Caution.” We have students from all around the Phoenix metro area. We meet at one of the Microchip warehouses near the I-10 and 143.

If you would like to talk more, please send me a PM with your email. I may be able to track down contact information for teams closer to you as well.

Team search based on 85387 Zip Code and 25 miles distance returns following results:

Team Number:5043
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Peoria, AZ 85382 USA

Team Number:498
Team:Cobra Commanders
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Glendale, AZ 85306 USA

Team Number:4962
Team:Knight Tech Robotics
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Phoenix, AZ 85015 USA

Team Number:2662
Team:Robo Krew
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Tolleson, AZ 85353 USA

Team Number:1165
Team:Team Paradise
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA

Team Number:3281
Program:FIRST Robotics Competition
Phoenix, AZ 85021 USA

I’m the lead mentor for team 2662 out of Tolleson High School, and am an alumni of 498 out of Cactus High School and know most of the mentors on that team well. Teams in Phoenix’s far West Valley have unfortunately not fared well over the years and we are probably the only 2 teams within a 30 minute drive of Surprise (5043, which was in Peoria just outside of Surprise, only lasted the 2014 season). Both of our teams I’m sure would love to have them join or can try to help in starting a team up in Surprise for next season if he is interested in that.

I’ll send you a PM also, feel free to reach out to me for more information.