Team Number for code

This will sound like a stupid question but…
Our team has been using labview for a few years, sadly the lead programmer failed to pass on his knowledge and knowbody else knows anything.
This job fell onto me. Labview’s “order of operations” is a bit weird for me and I prefer a texed based language, such as Java. Here lies my problem. In Labview, as most of us know, when you create a projeve you are prompted to give your team number (you can of course change it). Without it it will not run on the cRIO properly. In java (IterativeRobot) you are not prompted to enter a team number. I have had to fall back on te default team number of “0000”. This will soon be a huge problem with kickoff fast approching.
In short I need to know how to assign a team number to my Java code.

Thank You,

I’d suggest you read through the Getting Started with Java for FRC manual. (Hint: the answer to your question is on page 6)

Since that’s an old revision of the document, here’s the current one:

Thank You. I was using a difrent version of the starting guide… Guess I missed this step in the setup process. :smiley: