Team number visibility on robot

In regards to <R14> which is the rule about team numbers on the robot, it says you have to have the team number on all four sides of the robot. Would it be legal to put the team number on the bumpers? The numerals have to be at least 4" high and they would fit on the bumpers.

We did last year and probibly will again this year

As long as it leaves the bumpers smooth and is a contrasting color, you should be fine. There was a Q&A about this a week or so ago.

You also have to make sure that you have the bumpers on EVERY MATCH, or you will be disabled. We had to put a second set of numbers on our robot last year because we couldn’t always get the bumpers back on after repairs

Your replies are very much appreciated. Thank you all so much! :slight_smile:

Also remember, if you have ramps that drop down. If your number is on the ramp, and will disappear when the ramp is dropped, you must have another number visible when the ramp is dropped.
Did this make sense? :confused:

I believe there is a Q&A on this subject that allows the numbers on the bumpers as long as they don’t rub off. It is in the post on painting the bumpers.