Team Numbers in Everyday Places

Right before nationals this year, I started noticing our team number (217) in everyday places. For example, gas prices dropped to right about $2.17 everywhere around my house just about a week before nats.

Where have you seen your team number (or any other ones, for that matter) in places where you wouldn’t expect it? Post any good (humorous or entertaining) pictures, please.

Whenever 116 appears anywhere, someone on our team notices and its quite amusing. Locker number 116, room number 116, receipt number 116, ect. ect. ect.
I also have started noticing other team numbers too. Like room 233, and 2:33, whenever I see those, I “Think Pink” (pun fully intended). When I see 6:23 on a clock I think about Oakton High School. ect. ect. ect.

There is a sign in our county that says Route 616 and an arrow pointing to Courtland. So we basically have 616 leading to Courtland in more than one way :wink:

Whenever I drive to the Philly regional, I always park in spot #365. In fact, there are a bunch of MOE stickers on that spot even today!

I can’t WAIT for gas prices to drop to our team’s number!! :slight_smile:

:eek: $93 gas! Oh god! :rolleyes: :wink:

I know exactly what all of you are talking about.
Every time i look at my watch and see 3:65 o’clock I always thing, darn i gotta get a new watch…

But seriously i see FIRST team numbers everywhere and it always makes me happy to think of the teams and the people.

From rt 78 the exit to Watchung is 41…next year id like to incorporate that into a pin or sticker or something like that.

CD users will be excited to know I am joining out local Fire Department, Station 47 when I am 18 :slight_smile:

I was in the middle of a team meeting and looked at the clock and said “ok it’s PAW right now…” and got blank looks from my kids until I realized what I had done. Oh dear…

I notice other team numbers much more than my own. It was not a good feeling to see “233” on gas station signs. When I come back from Stuart FL to see my SPAM friends I have to get off on exit 180 to go home. Weird stuff.

I always seem to look at the clock whenever it says 11:23. It’s sad because that’s my boyfriend’s team and I really miss him. >_<;

But yeah. There’s an exit on the beltway numbered 7. I always laugh when I see it, and people look at me funny when I laugh saying “haha…7…xD” It’s like…“Dori, are you okay!?” xD Oh, what FIRST does to me.

Also there’s an exit 1 here…and I usually can relate a team number to SOMETHING…

I also notice other numbers, since it’s a pain in the butt to find anything that’s $12.93 or the like.

However, I have a story from my days as a Piggly Wiggly cashier. If you don’t know, Piggly Wiggly does Greenbax, which is a rewards program. If you buy certain items, it’ll let you use Greenbax books stored on your PFC card (as you earn them by using your PFC card) and get it for free (just pay tax). (If you’re wondering why the unit is a book, it’s because back in the old days customers literally filled books with Greenbax stamps they got at the store, then brought them in. They’re still valid, too.)

One night, our coach’s wife came through my line, so I was ringing things up. I hit the total button, and the Greenbax dialog came up. Her balance at the time, I kid you not, was 12.93 books.

I went to Carl’s Jr. yesterday and after waiting in a long line of people it just so happened I was order # 696. The funny thing is that this has happened twice at that location.

It’s kinda hard to find things of my team number (11) but i do notice other teams like every time i look at my watch it seems to be a team number. If i’m driving down the interstate and notice it’s a FIRST team I smile.

Being on a FIRST team was the greatest four years of my life. So great in fact that I now volunteer so others can make FIRST the greatest four years of their life.

PS This was my 233rd post…go PINK

There have been many days where the last time I’ve checked the clock it was either 2:54am or 2:58am. I’ve also had the misfortune of paying at least $2.58 per gallon of gas (the cheap stuff) VERY often. That’s one of the few drawbacks of living in California… we get screwed on gas and utilities.

That reminds me. I always look at the clock everyday at 6:48. Also, our old number, 309, just happens to be our area code! It’s too bad we dont have that number anymore. Everytime I do a math problem I try and think of the team that that answer is.

One Saturday during build season, a couple of members from our robotics team went out to Friendlies for lunch. Someone’s bill came out to be $14.03. Coincidence, I think not…

Also, the locker adjacent to our Industrial Arts room is locker number 1403.

Actually on our way to the Georgia Dome, my team and I saw a Sewer grate with 1708 on it… although it turned out to 170B since the next sewer said 170A … it still brought up the teams moral on the first day of pit opening… cus we had alotta work to do!