Team Numbers, Original Teams, and how they work

Also winning Engineering Inspiration comes with an automatic invitation. Here’s a list of all the pre-qualified teams for 2019, and why they are pre-qualified

It’s in section 10 of the manual, the part that no one reads but is still important.


The numbers dont make sense to me now. 148 is original but 118 is not? And 95 is less than 148 but they started in 97. Did you get to choose numbers back then?

Back in the day, numbers changed every year. And they were given out in alphabetical order, by sponsor. The Juggernauts (0001) were sponsored by 3M. A lot of Delphi teams that exist today have numbers in the 40s.

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Wow… that explains it. At least we get to keep numbers now.

Just a note, Team 1 had 3-Dimensional Services as their primary sponsor, not 3M.



Any number below 400ish doesn’t indicate the age of the team very accurately. There’s quite a bit of weirdness for number assignment that didn’t get completely sorted out until around 1999-2000.

I was going to ask the same thing!

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Below 200ish. Permanent numbers in 1998 started there and have continued since.

Source: 190 (WPI) and 191/192 (both Xerox) were right at the bottom of the original sorted list that started permanent numbers off. I assume the teams below that in Clayton’s link were rookies that year.

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There were a few weird swaps (6ish iirc) in 1999, and we ended up with 330 and a new rookie year due to a sponsor change and current teams 294 and 207 splitting off from us. Over 200 is generally accepted as accurate, but things get weird at events where 207, 294, and 330 are all next to eachother in the pits and people start asking how old our teams are.


Not exactly. South Carolina team 283 didn’t exist pre-2015…and yet their team number is that low.

So you are saying pits are arranged by team number??? How do i miss this?

It depends on the event organizers, but in SoCal, teams are usually organized either sequentially or alternating between the highest and lowest number team. Eg: 207, 6000, 294, 5818, 330, 5802, etc.


There is a perversion in the numbering rules for team the split into two different teams. Every year they leave a handful of numbers when teams split the new team gets the closest open team number.

Some good examples this year of this are 1983/2097 and 2848/2714.

The real question is if the triple lift was deemed not worth, or if its being saved for DCMP…


My go to example is 11 MORT and 193 MORT Beta

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I’ve split this discussion from the 148 reveal thread.


1080 is a team that confuses me their rookie year was 2003 but didnt compete until the 2016 season

I believe 1080 is the reincarnation of 1033 as a “community team.” 1033 competed from 2003-2015.

Any way to get an older, unused number? My team wants 1037, and it looks like the last time it was used was back in 2004 anyways.