Team ORBIT 1690 ,Israeli off season-"falafel Project" Robot video

This is our team robot for the israeli off season project called “Falafel”.

Project Falafel is an offseason project for FRC teams in which the teams get a new game and build a new robot during a new season that occurs before the FRC season. The competition is simpler and lower cost than the FRC. The projects goal is to prepare teams for the FRC season ahead, to improve the quality of their work and the experience of the students.

This year the game is very similar to Volleyball in its concept, but its played with 2 different sizes of balls- a sponge ball similar to frc 2012 season ball, and a regular Volleyball.

Basically robot need to move their balls to the opponent side of the field. if they are throwing the small sponge ball to the opponent side above the net you get 1 point, and the Volleyball is 2 points.

our robot spec:
capable of throwing 2 sizes balls.
a 360 degrees turret that is always pointed toward the net using gyroscope.
8x8 drive train using 4’’ performance wheels.
extended ball pickup mechanism,3 Volleyball wide.