Team Orbit 1690 testing shooter

while calibrating the ratio between distance and motor rpm…

That’s almost unbelievably consistent.:yikes:

Agreed but be careful only testing with the same ball over and over. The balls do vary in density from ball to ball, to get a true test of your shooters accuracy run 8-10 different balls through it.

Looks great though, keep it up.

Is that a foam basketball you’re using? Based on it’s bounce off the backboard and floor, as well as the sound it makes, it doesn’t seem like it! :ahh: I don’t see the FIRST/FootLocker logo either.

Regardless, props on a very consistent shooter!

Not only is it real, but most misses are because of the different way the ball is placed inside the shooter every time…
The shooter’s “feeding” mechanism should give us even more consistency.

The ball is the official FIRST foam basketball, if you look closely you will see the logos. while in midair it has lots of backspin so you can’t see any of the printings…