Team Organization Guidelines

I want to write a document that lays out all of the procedures and ways to organize a team in order to be successful. After the way this build season played out, I think we need some rigid guidelines on how we operate. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what we can do? I know every team is different, and I will sort through and tweak all of your suggestions to be more specific to my team. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

(I would like to note that I do know of team 365’s MOEmentum guidelines, and am following them in writing these protocols.)

EDIT: By team organization, I mean team structure, i.e., division into sub-teams working together to complete the robot.

Some ideas:

NEMO has some resources on this topic:

Many teams have generously posted GREAT Team Handbooks in the white papers on this site. *. Look through the format and examples of what other teams have created and see if any of these seem to be a good fit for YOUR team.

And the nice thing to do is credit the teams/resources that helped you create your document.

Documentation is an incredibly important step in sustaining a team.*

FIRST also has a lot of sample resources on their site.

The Presidents Circle page has links to a bunch of handbooks and other types of team guidelines.

And FIRST’s Team organization and management page has a lot of useful resources as well.

1511 also sees emails from time to time from teams that have used the resources on their website, and even just recently their handbook, so you can check those out for ideas as well.

Good luck!

Unfortunately many of the links to these documents are 404. They were a great resource. I wish the links could be updated.