Team OTTO 1746 Code & CAD Release + DCMP Recap (2024)

Robot code repository: Link

Scouting app code repository: TBD (I don’t know where it is :/)

CAD: Link

Code Reflection

What went well:

  • Creating commands within our subsystems
  • Utilizing command decorators
  • Photonvision simulation
  • CTRE Swerve integrated seamlessly.
  • PathPlanner and choreo integration worked well.
  • SysID for our shooter worked great. Plugged in the constants for our falcons and it worked instantly.

What didn’t go well:

  • Some command names were similar but had drastically different behavior (ending instantly vs. running forever vs. running until a condition)
  • Little documentation and infrequent use of Java docs.
  • Often quick merges at comp would result in redundant code and bloated subsystems so as not to break anything.
  • Inconsistent primer feed that would occasionally hit rollers, preventing us from reliably running our intaking sequence with the shooter rollers running
    • At DCMP, made a workaround by storing notes in the intake while ferrying (and used proxy commands to integrate with our existing shot command), but we needed a better long term solution for this because it absolutely hurt us at every event

What we’ll be working on over the offseason:

  • 604-inspired particle filter
  • Multithreading

Robot Reflection

What went well:

  • First-year in Onshape
  • Had good cad practices up until the rebuild (don’t check 4000)
  • Relatively robust and repairable design

What didn’t go well:

  • Intake v1 was ineffective and required pieces to be shoved against a wall most of the time to intake
  • Intake burned 3 neo/sparkMAX combos with current limits applied, replaced with a falcon and it worked fine.
  • Used a 775 on the primer which didn’t have enough torque/speed to consistently shoot the piece.

What we’ll be working on over the offseason:

  • 2910 indexer/turret + 254-inspired intake-ampevator

Also enjoy the PCH DCMP recap video our media team made.

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I love OTTO’s backpack :heart:


I second this :point_up:

We also have our CAD dating back to 2016, plus some odd extra years that are available upon request. I just didn’t feel like uploading it all to GrabCad or some other file-sharing format.

I’m not able to access the code link for some reason. Is anyone else having this issue?

Exciting to see this world record setting CAD released!

Sorry for the delay - there have been a lot of changes to the team in the last few weeks. The original repository has been made private but I have uploaded the code here in our new Github organization.


For your off-season goals in programming, what exactly is the particle filter you mentioned to be an inspiration from team 604?

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I am not from team 1746 but as far as I understand they are talking about the particle filter for field localization. They(Team 604) already mentioned this in their behind the bumpers, here is the link if you want to look at it at 8.14:

(Not sure they did release it or not for this year yet but as far as I remember they were sharing their code publicly as well. It will be definitely a good resource to learn😉)

Here’s another BTB video with a bit more explanation (though still not the best) about the particle filter.

That being said, it’s worth asking yourself why you want to go down the route of a particle filter. WPILib’s pose estimation stuff has matured a lot in the last few years and is what I’d recommend for most teams.