Team OTTO 1746 Scouting System Tutorial for 2023 (Google Sheets)

Team OTTO 1746’s strategy team is proud to present a YouTube video that teaches beginners how to create a scouting system for 2023 in Google Sheets. If you want to just make a copy, the sheets are linked in the video description. Fill out the Google Form to gain access.


This is really cool and an excellent way to start making databases for new teams. Are there any other types of data that 1746 collects that aren’t directly point-related? For example, 8744 is checking if the robot was being defended. Also, do you use the Prematch prediction section for working with alliance members to come up with strategies during quals or elims?

We are currently collecting qualitative data ourselves, but the intent of this is to begin with the fundamentals, quantitative data. This is intended to be a launchpad for teams looking for a place to start.

Pre-match prediction was something we added for that purpose. We do use it for both quals and elims to form a strategy for each match, but it can also be expanded to predict how the competition as a whole will turn out.

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