Team Overdrive (2753) Thanks: 222, 1218, and many more

Team Overdrive (2753) would like to send a big thanks to the entire FRC community for making our Rookie season so exciting. After winning the World Championship and four regional events last year in FTC, it was hard to imagine anything more amazing. But being part of the winning Archimedes alliance and making an appearance on Einstein was even better. Many thanks to the Tigertrons (FRC 222) for including us on the alliance together with Vulcan Robotics (FRC 1218) it was amazing to play on the alliance. Shout out to 1114, 2056, and 503 on the greatest, and hardest set of matches we have ever played. It was a great fought out battle. Congratulations to the finalist on Archimedes (488, 118, and 343). It was a great division.

Making a trip to Einstein was like a dream come true for our team. Regretfully, our chain on our conveyor broke in the second match. After delivering our pre-loaded moon rocks, we took on a purely defensive posture. Surprisingly, this was our first mechanical failure of the season. None-the-less, 68, 217, and 247 completely deserve the win, and we doubt the chain made any difference to the outcome. Also congrats to 67, 111, and 971 on the great set of final matches! It was awesome to watch.

Team Overdrive would like to thank everyone that helped make this season and events possible! :smiley:

Your team, in my opinion, is one of the best rookies out there. I can’t wait to see how you fair in the next few years. You not only started with an excellent robot, you continueed to improve it through out the season. It was truely remarkable to see a “rookie” perform so phenominally (sp?). Good luck in the upcoming years!:smiley:

I think its safe to officially call them veterans now. :wink:

Good luck in your future endeavors Tyler, you are a great designer and I hope you take that further in college.

thank you so much for joining our alliance. We could not believe your team was still available when we made the selection. Your team has had a great start and I can’t wait to see what happens in years to come!

Thank you for representing what NJ can make. You guys were an amazing rookie team one of the best I have yet to see. The future is definetely bright and on behalf of Team 1403, Cougar Robotics I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Congratulations for making it so far! Welcome to the veterans league! (I dont think there’s a league but you know what I mean)

Congratulations to Team 222 and 1218 as well for winning Archimedes you guys did a great job!

I consider 2753 not just the best Rookie this year, but one of the Best teams out there ! Our scouting team in Archimedes had this robot as the #1 overall pick, but yet they fell to #13 pick overall and won the entire division !

Sadly reputation has more weight than actual robot statistics for some of these alliance captains .

Same here, we were shocked, and still are. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it worked out perfectly since we ended up with 222 and 1218.

Thanks everyone, looking forwards to off-seasons as well.

Tyler and Overdrive,

It is not my nature to predict anything about competitions, outcomes, or teams. In your case, I will make an exception. It is based on your team’s performance, your team’s attitude, your team’s humility and grace, your team’s competitive edge, your team’s respect for excellence in strategy and in working with alliance partners, and your team’s smiles.

You will have a long history in FRC and it will be a journey worth watching and being inspired by.

All the best in the upcoming off-seasons and in 2010.


First congratulations to the alliance of 222, 1218, and 2753 for making it as far as you did. It was great to see a first year team on Einstein.

My team was not in Atlanta to compete but I was there as a spectator and I’m glad I was. During the last matches on Archimedes I was cheering for team 2753.

It seems to me that every year in FIRST there is a “rookie” team that blows everyone away at competitions. This year it was 2753 and last year it was 2590.

Team Overdrive was certainly one of the most impressive teams in Archimedes. I kept expecting them to get picked during alliance selection, and I was surprised that they weren’t picked until the second round.


It was an honour to play against you guys. I still am stunned that the second highest scoring robot in Archimedes managed to slip to the second round of the draft. This was by far the most stunning alliance selection that I’ve ever witnessed. Once we saw the alliance of 222, 1218 and 2753 form, we knew there would be an epic battle if we met up. The matchup definitely lived up to the hype. Congratulations to all three teams.

2753 is one of the best teams I have ever seen. Not the robot (which was excellent too), but the TEAM.

The NJ Regional just got that much harder to win…:ahh:


All I have to say is Team 2753 is easily the Cheesy Poof-type impact from 10 years ago based on robot performance.
I am eager to see just what they come up with for next year’s game.

Until then.