Team Paradox 2102 Re-Reveal


Like many teams here, FRC team 2102, Team Paradox, had not finished perfecting our robot design at the end of build season! We released a reveal video, but multiple major elements of our robot were missing or needed improving.

We’ve been working hard to implement these changes since then. These include a third-tier climber and improved cargo intake (installed for our Del Mar Regional competition), an improved hatch manipulator design, second-tier climb functionality, and autonomous scoring routines for cargo and hatches.

Check out Team Paradox’s re-reveal video (featuring our practice robot, Flop!) for our 2019 robot, Flip! Check us out this weekend at the Utah Regional, and a few weeks further down the road at the Houston World Championships!

Check out the original reveal post here.



I 100% forgot about the masking tape face on the bottom of Flop (1:02 in the video). I guess that’s a good thing because we haven’t dropped it yet?

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That combined cargo and hatch mechanism is absolutely beautiful. Good luck in Utah and Houston!



Thank you! We’ve worked hard to make it as reliable as possible since we did our original reveal post. We were getting a lot of questions about this mechanism at Utah this past weekend, which was super fun!

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