Team Paradox 2102 Robot Reveal

Team Paradox is proud to present our latest creation, Flip:

Robot Reveal

With front and rear hatch pickup and placement, front cargo intaking, front and back cargo placement, a three-stage continuous elevator, vision tracking, and a third-tier hab climb (not showcased in the video), Flip is one of the most sophisticated robots we’ve created to date.

We wish the best of luck to all teams competing in this year’s game, and we’ll see you at the Del Mar and Utah regionals!


Thats really cool! One of my favorite robots yet due to the attention to detail.


Cool robot. I love your recent robots’ use of polycarb. Good luck this season!

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Indeed. Despite the design challenges it caused us, I’m glad we chose to join the squad!


We need to get a squad photo with 4414 and whoever else might have a sideways elevator at DMR!

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We were talking about how great of an alliance that would be.

We’ll definitely get the picture on the practice field at some point.

Quals 29 tomorrow… It’s happening.


:+1: Can’t wait to see Flip up close and in person tomorrow/ this weekend.

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I saw! That match has already made its way around our team. #sidewayselevatorgang hype.

We’ll try not to disappoint. I’ve got my Narwhals shirt ready for Grommet next weekend.

*Gromit- from Wallace and Gromit :rofl: instead of the fastener, metal ring looking thing. I’m hyped to get my shirt from Jenna and hopefully will get some time cheer y’all after some volunteering on tomorrow afternoon.

Gromit. Garrison even told me that yesterday, but I wasn’t sure on the spelling. Good of you to be a volunteer!

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