Team Patches - Design and Printing

Hello CD World!

This year was my team’s tenth anniversary, and to celebrate a huge landmark for a team, my team has created and distributed patches. The “X” stands for “10” in roman even though we are still a greek mythology team. And we used our Imagery-Award winning logo’s sillouthete. For images of these patches, click the link here for the google drive folder. It has my team’s digital design, patch, and what it looks like in comparison to the DEEP SPACE Volunteer Patch.

If your team has created jacket patches, when, what do they look like, and why? I’m interested to see ideas to see if we can make these patches a regular thing or if we can trade. Mostly to get ideas lol, I love seeing imagery of other teams.

Thank you so much! :heart:

This is so cool, I want to see if I can get my team interested in making patches next season

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They are so fun to show off! I want to collect more for my jacket.

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