Team Patribots 4738 - 2024 Tech Binder, CAD & Code Release

Team 4738 is (a little late) but proud to present our Crescendo robot, Terry the T. Rex!

Tech Binder

CAD - Onshape

Code - GitHub

We would love to hear your feedback!


loved competing with you guys at Bayou this year, where we were so close to meeting you in the finals. thank you for the suggestions in alliance selections too :call_me_hand:


This is an impressively detailed tech binder! Great job. I especially like the section laying out the requirements.

Regarding dynamic autonomous, did you try to make decisions about skipping to a different note while moving, and how do you handle smooth transitions when switching to a different path?

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First of all thank you for the compliment, our Director of Iterations worked tirelessly with the rest of the team to make this Tech Binder a reality. Here’s to 2x quality award!

Now, I am a tiny bit confused as to what kind of decisions you are thinking of specifically that we make while we move, but I will try to explain the general idea to the best of my ability.

When we use object detection, we track the closest note to the robot while the robot moves. Once we get to a position where we are within roughly one meter away from the center line along the X-axis, we slightly slow down (but do not stop) and check to see if the note is either on the center line or less than our robot’s length away from the center line (removing the chance of G405) and then we either get it or transition to the next note. As we transition* to the next note, we keep scanning for a compatible note, and the moment we find one, we chase it and come home! Upon returning, we use PathPlanner’s pathfinding system to get to the closest predetermined shooting point.

*I don’t think I can explain this process easily without a picture, but the core idea is that we always see multiple notes if they are all there.

Let me know if I brushed over a certain point a little too briefly :slight_smile:

So the path to the first note is predefined, but if it’s not there, you’re switching to pathfinding to whatever note you see? I think that makes sense.

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We have the bot first go to the first square in the screenshot above, and then it goes to the closest note in its vision, which would be C1 if everything was normal on the field. After that, it just finds a note and chases it once it sees one that it can legally get. We can optionally give it constraints to not get a note that one of our alliance mates reserves for a more consistent auto since there’s a chance that it cuts someone off due to it being so dynamic.

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