Team Play Books and Strategy Mats

Hi, I was wondering what other teams are doing when it comes to talking to other teams strategy wise? We were planning on making a laminate play book and laminate field mat but we also know that some people have white board fields and we were wondering how they obtain those? Thanks!

Well, for the past few years andymark has been selling the laminate print, I am not sure if we put it in a clipboard or if it came that way. I am not sure if andymark will sell them this I have not heard anything about it.
If they don’t I have created a layout for laminating and putting on a clipboard:

We find the whiteboards work the best. In the past we have used colored tape but if you have the capability to print and cut vinyl to mark the field lines and major components that is what we have found to be best.

The boards that you are speaking about came as a package. Clipboard and field diagram as one.

We weren’t able to produce the boards this year to sell them to AM. Sorry.

My team’s mats. I like our minimalist approach to the diagram. Everything you need to plan, and nothing more.

Diagrams for auto and teleop, and a play book page.