Team Poll For School Project

This is a survey from a student a Kettering University. I have a number of questions for a proposal, and would appreciate it if you would answer any of them. Thank you. Mike Kaniut

sure im up for it

Funding!!! Its soo difficult sometimes!

I need 100 votes, so if anyone else could paarticipate that would be awesome. Thanks again.

Woot another Kettering student (isn’t the 3 moths off during build season great :smiley: ).

But we used t not have any problems with funding until this year when your sponsor had to make some drastic budget cuts and some of ours was the first to go. But before that It was always participation. We had the funding and the space but it wasn’t that easy to get people interested in the program. It could have been the way we had it structured but it seemed like halfway thorough the season we would loose half of our team. Normally we have 7-8 dedicated students but this year we had about 5 and one did website and the other chairman’s (most of the time). I don’t think people see the need to stay the extra hours and the extras days and only do what is required. This tells allot about a person and you can tell that certain people will do better than others. But I’m off track (rambling again). Space has never been an issue. In fact this year we gain an extra lab in which we use solely (except for a small corner which is used for assembly by our sponsor). We even have space to build a portion of the field every year. Last year we built an entire field.

To recap because I ramble:

Funding is an issue when you have a sponsor and you’re not supposed to get money from elsewhere. (Thank goodness for school funding from nowhere)

Participation is hard to come by when the school is based off of engineering and most people are sick of doing it as school work.

Thanks for the feedback fellow Kettering student, and actually I am A section so I don’t get the three month break during build. It kinda stinks. Thanks again.