TEAM PRONTO (Techno Mashup Practice Video)

well THAT is a jumble of words.

Ok. First off, let me say that we are a rookie team. Second, let me say that we have already corrected the following issues:

  • Bumper Height
  • Number visible from all sides
  • Name visible from at least one side

Believe it or not, the robot in the video was 40 pounds overweight. We managed to loose that weight in a 13 hour day.

Oh and by the way, estimated balls per second from the shooter is 8:)

That’s very nice. Send a warm congrats to your entire team from us please. What regional are you attending? I’ll be sure to watch.

We are gonna be at the Seattle Regional. Where can we watch games?


Don’t know if this regional is webcast, but they are generally here

or various random teams set up recordings and streams.

My favorite, at least last season, was They had all the available webcasts for each week, plus a chat, plus you could look at results on the side. We’ll see what improvements they’ve put in for this year.