Team Pronto!

Ok guys. is finally done. Well, for the most part. We are still writing some content, but for the most part it is up and done! FEEDBACK PLEEEASE!

Thanks for checking us out:)

Ka-DONE:) Please please please give feedback. It is appreciated:)

Hey, I know this is a little late, but I’ve been wandering around your website
and I have to say it does look pretty good
But, I do have some concerns:
Is the FIRST logo what they want? They seem to be really specific about that kind of stuff
Additionally, one of the things on the rubric is do outside links open in another window? And, I can see some that don’t…
Also, not everything about the website is about looking good. You should add content. I know its hard for a rookie team to add all of that stuff in a matter of weeks, but you can start out with trying to tell your “team story” or about your mentors/members and what they like to do.
The calender isn’t on the internet really…? I don’t know maybe its not that big of a problem, but it is kind of inconvienent to have to open/download something when you’re just trying to look at something.
Those are my suggestions, but I also would like for you to go to the website awards rubric, so you can see what they are really deciding who is winning the award.

Hope this helped, and you can change your website in time!

Thanks:) I know this will sound kinda silly, but I made the site so that team members can edit stuff. As a result, they end up not following rubric because they don’t know about it (I’m talking about links and new windows). We are going up against schools who have had websites for 7+ years. I don’t think we really have a shot this year but hey anything can happen;)

Hey, anything can happen. Last year we were a rookie team, and we won the website award. So, it’s possible.