Team publicity

Hello everyone; I am from team 234 and I was wondering what other teams do at competitions to get their name out there. Any and all comments are helpful. Thank you!

Come up with a really great cheer…OINK OINK BOOM

have a unique team uniform helps. eg. Team 114’s lab coats, 100’s hats or our (971’s) gold pants.

Have a snazzy pit (I saw a bunch at nationals), or have something to catch the eye (our light up 2 on our cart for instance)

Come all the way from Indiana to WPI. :slight_smile:


really nice/ unique trinkets.

so that when they all come home, they can keep them and hang them up somewhere like i did :stuck_out_tongue: i remember all the teams that i got really cool giveaways from.

HELPING OTHER TEAMS OUT when needed, REALLY helps other teams remember who you are. i can still name the many teams that helped us in GTR. (thanks again <3!!)

Heres one.

Make sure you come with the COOLEST mascot :slight_smile:

Also try to ‘announce’ before your robot leaves the pit area. For Example we always yell “GO CHARGERS” before our pretty-shiny-silvery-baby robot leaves the 10 x 10 garage :wink:

We make up hundreds of Maroon wristbands with our team name and number and give them out as part of our Publicity. It’s hard to forget the team when you’re wearing the name on your wrist…

I would suggest that your team just keep on doing what you do.
Our team doesn’t travel to the Championship every year, not that we wouldn’t like to. :slight_smile: The trip this past spring was a chance for me to see some great moments of Gracious Professionalism in action. 234 stood out. It was the manner in which your team carried yourselves, how you interacted with each other and with other teams. To me, you were a team of young professionals. I said as much to one of your mentors on the way back into the arena from Saturday’s lunch break. Keep up the good work.

when most of your team gets stuck in an elevator for 2 hours, between floors, the next day somehow everyone else seems to know who your team is

but I dont recommend it!

Adding to what Jane said… when I was in need of pair of safety goggles at championship , Chris Fultz (234 mentor and one of the brains for IRI) was the first one to step up and give me his personal one for 3 days. Your team stands out in the crowd at all events but I think you guys need to adopt a second Sam who will grow his hair and spike it… everybody remembers that guy with blue 8" spikes.

I would suggest wearing spiffy labcoats, but the idea is slightly taken…

Anyway, just practice GP, and wear a uniform that stands out.

You will definitely get noticed if you are really…


…and enthusiastic in the stands.

(note how much my post stands out. :smiley: )

Hair dying and things like that always seem to work, but I think your team has had that one covered for a while.

Just be loud/gracious/play well/spirited, and you tend to get pretty noticed.

Make your T-shirts nice and bright colored. They will get your group notcied while in the stands.

…get their name out there…
Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. besides everything that has already been mentioend, if you are trying to get noticed for your robot/driver abilities, then obviously you have to generate some buzz about it before competitions (via CD forums) and while at comps, have a handout in your pits that you can give to scouts (especially handy to have if you’re busy making adjustments to your robot between matches, or if you are all out at a match when someone stops by). Send out your team scouts to make contact with the teams you are interested in.

At the Wisconsin regional we had special coins made with the FIRST Logo on one side and the team name and number on the back.
We found someone who was a friend of one of the mentors so we got them cheap enough, but I don’t know the exact amount :o .

When you think about maximizing your team “publicity” you MUST think about who is the “customer” for your publicity…how you go about publicizing your team will depend on who you’re trying to reach…

Some examples,

  1. If you’re trying to spread your team name to other teams, do it through the badges, cheers, uniforms, etc.

  2. If you’re trying to get your team name spread to all the people in the regional event, then be sure to come up with a catchy team name that rolls off the tongue for the M/C and announcer

  3. If you’re trying to get your team name to be well-known among the judges, then create a press release touting all the great things you’ve don in your community.

See? There are soooooo many ways in which you can market your “brand” to increase awareness among the customer groups…

Or, you can be really silly and make a team tuxedo jacket just like Woodie Flowers wears to the world championships…that will get his attention!

BY THE WAY…Kathie K also hit a good point. You want to create some sort of “buzz” about your team (the ‘product’)…Go read books like “The Tipping Point” and “The Anatomy of Buzz”…why do you think the IPod has a 80%+ share of the portable music player market…it’s the “buzz”.