Team PyroTech 3459|First Animation|The Magic of Technology

We weren’t even sure that we were going to do an animation this year, but after some hard work this is what we created:


When their world turns dark from an energy crisis, the iiko turns to Earth, and its technology to save them. The solution is simple—taking gases that the iiko exhale and transforming into energy—yet it would be impossible without the wondrous, life-changing “Magic of Technology.”

If you would like more information on the, uh…“process” involved in creating it, you can check this out:

Since this is out first animation ever (we didn’t do a safety animation this year), we would really appreciate any comments/feedback. :slight_smile:

Hey There,
This is Daniel. I’m the head animator for Team 435 Robodogs and as of the 18th…i guess your competition. I just want to say that your animation looks fantasitc. I honestly think its going to be tough to beat…you guys really have done some hard work this year and you should be congratulated for it. Anyway, I wanted to wish you guys the best of luck at the competition. OH! And we may be contacting you guys in a few days to see if your team could attend an Aftership Party we are planning to hold. So keep in touch!

Again good luck, hopefully I’ll see you at the competition!