Team R1950 Crackbots :30 Animation

Well, here it is, y’all, our straight-up, first-ever 3D animation!

“Inspiration FIRST!”](

Our external site goes live on Monday, but we’ve put up the animation with a feedback link in our forums. We’d love to have your comments.

Thanks muchly!


the video’s not showing up (yes i have media player 10) Is there a link that i can download it from?

Wow, this looks great!

Congratulations on creating a very good animation!


Ugh. I dunno. It’s a .wmv; do you want a .mov?

Wow. I’ve been up for, hmm, like 30 hours now–and I’ve got class in about 4, but your feedback MADE my night! Or morning. Whatever. It’s 5:55 a.m. here in the Holy Land.

Very Cool, well good luck for you and your team, and I hope to meet you in Atlanta ! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Mike. At least it’ll be warmer by then!


it was the browser. LOOKS AWSOME!!! congrats on your first animation

Nuttyman made our collective day!

Since you’re the FIRST non-crackbot to hit our forums, our team would like to send you a super-cool, oversized Crackbots football jersey! Send me a PM, please, with your details, and we’ll get a shirt out to you (er, they aren’t actually printed yet, but are supposed to be ready next week)

Thanks again!