Team registration problems

I’ve been trying to register to FIRSTbase. The problem is that I need to know my team password.
What password is it? Where can we get it from?
There is an option to send the password to the team leader. Is it the one listed in the TIMS?


your team mentor is the only one who can submit an entry for the award. you have to have him/her login and you have to upload everything from there.

The Problem is that our mentor has no Autodesk acount. In order to open one, we need to have our team password. Do you know what password is it?

Your team password should have come to you in an email to your mentor when you registered. You might want to talk to him/her about that and tell whom ever it may concern to look at their registration paperwork.

good luck with your submission!

The password was sent to the person listed as “Main Team Contact” in TIMS.

If you use the option to resend the password, it will also go to the MTC.