Team Rembrandts 4481 - Metric & Imperial!

Team Rembrandts proudly presents: Metric & Imperial!

We’ll be competing at:
Week 1 - Palmetto Regional
Week 2 - Orlando Regional

We’d like to thank all our partners who made this season happen!

What does the 1*1 that goes around above the intake do?

Well, if 2512 had to lose best in show to anyone, your video was, pretty good.

Great robot! Can’t wait to see it at Palmetto.


This reveal beat out all the finale bots for a reason. Good luck guys, this bot looks amazing!

If it’s like our design it reorient the cube

I’m getting “This video is not available”

We’re sorry! We had some technical difficulties, link should be up and running again ::rtm::

It does re-orientate the cube indeed! So a 13" high cube will be pushed to 11" heigth before going into the shooter.

Wow…dat driver station doe

That video is a work of art - and the robot is even better. Nicely done!

From your first year, your team has always produced one of the best thought out designs, often with some very interesting features. Your reveal video now one of the one’s I look out for each year. Hope to see you in Houston in April.

Well we did make worlds again this year, unfortunatly I have to inform you that Detroit is our home World championship. Feel free to visit us there any time, we’ll make sure we will have some awesome cookies and give aways again.