Team Rembrandts 4481 - Teaser #1

Team Rembrandts is proud to present our 2016 Robot: “De Ruyter”

After a very hectic but extremely fun building season and lots of preparation on forehand, we managed to build our own wooden playing field and build a competition and practice robot!
“De Ruyter & De Witt”

This render is just a teaser for the upcoming reveal video that we will unveil on the 9th of March, one day before we leave for our regionals in New York City and Troy. We want to wish all the teams the best of luck during their first competitions.

To illustrate the background behind the names; Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter is the most famous and one of the most skilled admirals in Dutch history. De Ruyter was born in the same century as Rembrandt van Rijn. De Ruyter was very much loved by his sailors and soldiers; from them his most significant nickname derived: Bestevaêr (older Dutch for ‘grandfather’.)
Together with his companion and very close friend Johan de Witt, they were very important for the Netherlands in the 17th century. De Witt was a key figure in Dutch Politics in the mid-17th century. Besides being a statesman, Johan de Witt also was an accomplished mathematician. De Witt derived the basic properties of quadratic forms, an important step in the field of linear algebra.

Hence the backgrounds, the Stronghold theme and the Rembrandts-century we named our two 2016 Robots; “De Ruyter & De Witt” ::rtm::

I wish we were playing with you lunatics again! Always a fun group! Best of luck in NY!