Team Reorganization

Reflecting on this season I’m considering an attempt at converting from a school-based team to a community team. I feel that we have gotten to a point where our association with our school is prohibiting further growth. While we still have a good relationship, the school oversight, be it financial or otherwise, makes it difficult for us to operate and grow in an efficient manner. I also think that we could attract more students, mentors, and sponsorship by not being tied to one school in specific. I’ve read over some previous posts on the topic and have a working understanding of what needs to be done to make the transition. That said, here are my questions to teams who have made the switch:
What went well, were there any unexpected benefits after making the switch? What was harder than expected or detrimental to the team? What did you wish you knew throughout the process of team reorganization?

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Well, we are sort of moving in the opposite direction. PM if interested in the isomeric viewpoint.


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Without knowing more - I love our 15-year relationship with our school and wouldn’t trade it for anything.
These are some rhetorical questions that came to mind, don’t worry about answering them for me, just trying to make sure you’re thinking of some of the other angles on this.

Are you a school employee? Is there a school employee on the team steering committee?
How long have you worked with your school?
What non-financial benefits does the school bring you? Would they still be willing to send students to you if you were a community team?
Can you work closely with your school admin to operate a booster club or get an account with an existing booster club to enable some agility on a % of your budget, and move some of the oversight to an informal system?
What relationships do you wish you had on campus to help resolve the issues you are seeing? Can you build those relationships to solve your problems, instead of separating?

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