Team Reps on the Field

Now that Nationals are over and everyone has plenty of free time…the Arizona Regional Planning Committee has started working on next years Arizona Regional. An idea was floated at the wrap-up meeting for this years Regional and the members of the committee would like your input on the idea.

Each team attending the Arizona Reginal would select a member from their team to form a regional (for want of a better term) “cheer squad”. Some special attire would be provided such as hats or vests. They would be on the field to start the “wave”, or the YMCA song, or lead the Macarania (how do you spell that?) The thought was to have four representatives on the field for 1 hour and then rotate new members onto the field for the next hour.

In short their job would to be to help fill in “dead time” while the field is being reset or repaired, computers are being restarted, etc.

What do you think, good idea…bad idea…an idea that needs some work.

That would be a good way to get the regional fired up and get “quiet” teams to get involved more.

Ya, this is part of the Best Robotics competition; each team has to send out a group of people for some time to cheer and get the crowd in to it.

Can they bring music too? maybe we should borrow stuff from ESPN.

Even though my team wouldn’t be attending, I think that would be an excellent idea.

awesome idea…definetly would help fill in the “dead areas” as you call them…I would love to see that on the east coast…

Dead time at the Phoenix Regional!?!? Impossible! That event was rockin! Every time I leave that place I have a good feeling about what we just spent $4000 on. This year it was less matches per team than last year (I think 9 as opposed to 11) so maybe you could shoot for 10 next year? However, the 2003 lunch break seemed almost nonexistent to me so maybe that’s why fewer matches this time. It was pretty much end of qualifiers and then alliance picking in 2003. 2004 lunch break was good.

Anyway, Phoenix is a top quality event run by some top quality folks and anyone who doesn’t attend is seriously missing out on some outrageous fun and competition. :slight_smile:

I’m seriously considering my team to go to the Arizona Regional next year, and I think it would be great to have something like this.