Team Resistance 0086 Website Online!!!

:yikes: Team Resistance Website is online at

Please feel free to browse around the site and lemme know any suggestions and problems at all. There are still some pages are in working progress.

Enjoy it!


This year is Team Resistance’s first year entering the website competition, since the team is 10 years old already. I am webmaster of the website, and spent over hours of desiging and manging the website including the Underground Site since Summertime 2004. I hope yall enjoy it and please give feedback of what you think of the website.

-WJS :smiley:

Exelent! Your website looks great, and loads faster than CD these days…

I can tell you have put alot of time into it and are really hoping for a response, and let me be the first to tell you that it looks good (besides your team obviously). I like the gallery, and everything blends well. Your “underground site” looks good too, and I hadn’t even heard of PHP Fusion untill I visited that and now im intrested :slight_smile: .

Good luck,

I like the site, simple, yet informative. I like the “underground site” and the only suggestion I would be to make the “underground site” link more prominent, because the way it is right now is sort of hidden in the corner.

Thank you for the feedbacks. I am honored. I have been working on this website for long time and studying how other teams performed in the website competition.

Oh yes, the Underground Site is our main communication center where we can get our own information there from each team members. The reason the Underground Site link was on bottom of the page so it can remain as mysterious and hiding like the idea of an underground site. LOLOL :wink:

Anyways, you guys keep coming back and spread the word around that Team Resistance is coming near you! MuWAHAAA :slight_smile: Gracious and Professionalism! :smiley:

Good luck and may the FIRST be with you!!


Hello everyone, I would like to have your feedback on Team Resistance’s website if you can look at it and tell me about it. I appreciate it.

Have a nice day!
-WJS :smiley: