Team Resistance Underground. .

I am happy to announce that Team Resistance’s Underground is now OPEN! You are welcome to come by to the website and click on “Underground Site” on the right side of menu.

Also, we have our own LiveVideo at

Enjoy your stay at our website!

-Josh S.
Webmaster / Media Specialist
Team Resistance #86

Very nice job Josh! It’s always interesting to see what you guys were doing behind the scenes during build, and planning for championship. Great job at UCF, I am looking forward to a repeat performance up in ATL :)! Hopefully we will get a chance to play some matches allied together this time.

I noticed the Alumni Center is also coming online and it looks really slick, should be a great way to maintain contact with graduated team members (good way to get more mentors from that too!).


Thank you so much for providing promising and positive encouragement. This will allow me more to build up more for the better future of the TR’s website. I honestly appreciate your feedback. Hope all are the best for your website and MARS Team!