Team Ri3D 1.0 - Completed 24 Hour Build Robot Reveal

This year, we decided to push the boundaries and build a robot to play FIRST Robotics Competition’s “Destination: Deep Space” in only 24 build hours! Check out our journey and see how we interacted with this year’s hatch plates, cargo, and hab platforms.



Why make the decision to make an elevator and not go for the highest rocket spot?

Great job! Big fan of the hatch intake.

rip post production

Really good bot though guys!

Robot in 3 Days 24 Hours!

Intentional or a by-product of analyzing 1100+ videos from 3 cameras. You decide.

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Originally, the arm was long enough to do all 3 positions. However, when integrating, the weight was too much for the motor to rotate. Due to the quick build, we had to trim the arm as a fix.

how did you make the intake design?