Team Ri3D 1.0 - Infinite Recharge at Home Overview

Hey everyone, the original ‘Robot in 3 Days’ team got back together to look at the numerous changes to this year’s FRC game. Hopefully this acts as a good launch point as teams start to wrap their heads around the new skill challenges. Good luck, everyone!


Thanks for creating this super helpful and entertaining video.

I know it’s been brought up and discussed before, but this should be the focus of RI3D – creating content that helps teams. It’s been a little disappointing seeing multiple RI3D teams just building robots (with climbers and full field auto modes for some reason…?) to play Infinite Recharge opposed to offering insights and helping teams with the Home Challenges. Thanks for bringing the focus back to helping teams!


Thank you, I love hearing that!

When we first started Ri3D we came together as a group of friends that were on various different FRC teams in high school, mentored teams in college, and then found we just couldn’t commit to being able to mentor every day for the entire build season when we started our careers. Ri3D became a way for us to “mentor” teams virtually and focus on using tools and things almost any team had available and show them how to think thru the game challenge. It took off in a way we didn’t anticipate with so many other teams popping up.

I know for me, personally, I hope we are able to provide a little bit of help to those teams that don’t have engineering mentors.


Nice summary, guys. I think this info will be helpful to a lot of teams (especially in the absence of a game release animation this year).

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OG Ri3D is still the best and most helpful.


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