Team/robot trading cards

ATTENTION ALL TEAMS!!! Heres a good idea if you are going to the San Diago Regional or Davis Regional. You can make trading cards for your team or your robot.When people go to competitons trading ways are a good way to get to know other teams. It is a memerable way of communication.
For instructions on how to make trading cards with Word go to:
Teams who want proffesional cards can go to:
[email protected]/pcard/
If anyone is intereseted please reply

We would have a peview but we are having diffucaltys with our computers, we might have a preview soon though.

Team 1388
(And above post also)

I hope no one who is in Robotics needs to use that tutorial. . .

This one is nice and all but I would more readily recommend the one designed by 1002. I designed a card for last year’s robot with it:

I’ll see if I can find the file in our archives and put it up somewhere.

116 has been making them for a few years (inspired by 1002). Sadly, at their competitions it’s been mainly just 116 and 1002 with cards. :frowning:

Gotta love robot trading cards.:smiley: Great idea guys!
So I just go to the site and design the cards?

Promotions is one of the last considerations a team makes.
Plus there is no central authority distributing the cards. So its no wonder they go unnoticed.

Those cards look nice. I know the “FIRST Robots: Behind the Design” authors gave away trading cards featuring all the robots in the book last year at nationals.

Aw man!
I would have at least liked to get a hold of our team’s robot card.

I would like the teams going to the Colorado Regional to do the same. Last year we received a card from Team 1987. I thought is was a great idea and I’m trying to get my tam to do the same.

Team 195 made trading cards for the 2006 and 6007 competitions (I think we’re making them this year also) We also made FIRST bookmarks that our wonderful sponsor, Tiger Enterprise, made for us that we had painted and handed out in the pits. I’ll see if I have a picture somewhere that i could post.

EDIT: And here it is:

Ok this is what I tried after reading this thread.(Thank you to Koko Ed for putting an example up). It’s not much but it looks pretty cool to me. (NOTE: this was last years robot.) (It’s in Open Office so let me know you you can’t see it.)

Does anyone know of any other good trading card maker?

Our team made fake “100” dollar bills last year (and yes it was obvious they weren’t legal tender). I thought it was genius, but not many people took them. :frowning:

Team 1254 does tradig cards each year. Thanks to team 1002.
We will be at the West Michigan Regional this year.

Were not nearly a large enough trademark to make into trading cards.

Nah you’re taking it too seriously. It’s only for the other teams at your respective competition. It allows for networking and easier communication about your robot’s abilities.

If your team could do trading cards, mini flyers, flyers, and posters where the “standard” design template was done by a professional designer, do you think you’d be interested. This is an idea I’ve had for a long while. I’ve always thought that the following items could be useful:

> “Micro fliers” – business-card sized fliers that could carry robot, team, or regional information

> “Mini fliers” – postcard-sized fliers with the same type of info…

> Postcards that could be mailed or printed and used for promotion, fundraising, or anything you can dream up.

> Fliers that could be posted or distributed to promote your team, robot, services (e.g. "Team in a Box), regionals, off-season events and initiatives, etc.

> Posters (11x17) for the same purposes.

Before I mount a substantial volunteer effort, I’d love to know if any of this would appeal to you/your team.

The “given” is that the material would be good (printing quality & paper), fast (produced within 2-3 days), cheap (good pricing, but not free – gotta pay for paper and ink, you know), and easy to use.

Is this appealing? Are there other uses you feel would be “gotta have’s?”



John Marchiony

Our team is VERY small (12 students usually) and we do them.
They are easy to do (thanks to team 1002) and they are very inexpensive.

Carolyn Hinckley

Does anyone still have the team 1002 template by any chance? I can’t seem to find my copy anymore… Thanks!