Team Role

You know i think that on the profiles here on CD we should be able to choose multiple Team Roles. Like for instance this year i am Student President, Electrical Lead, and Webmaster…

See so no matter what i choose then i don’t get credit for the other stuff, lol. :smiley: :rolleyes:

Just a suggestion… anyone have the same or a different opinion on this?

I know…I’m scout, student, weight guy, one of the CAD team, and all-around mechanical help. Could we do something like this? Please, Brandon?

maybe we can manually type in our team role like our custom user title.

Custom Title or Signature is the best I can offer now.

Any free time I have right now is being spent on finishing up CD-Media.

You should put suggestions like these in the ‘Comments / Suggestions / Forum Help’ forum … otherwise I won’t see it. (Saw this one by accident…)


Ok… sorry about that.

So basically just put your team role blank and then add it to your signature… that works.

BTW, i know your a busy guy Brandon… we all appreciate your time and effort you put into CD. :slight_smile: