Team roster with paper consent forms?

Given past frustrations in getting everyone signed up and cleared and checked in with parents through STIMS, or YTMRS, or whatever it was called (the FIRST website), I’ve elected to have all my students give me paper Consent and Release forms for FIRST this year, which has worked out fairly well. My question is, now that I have an empty youth roster in the dashboard because no one has signed up online, is this okay? Or do I still need to have my students do something online?

Do I just hand the people at the event a stack of photocopies of the signed forms? Are photocopies fine, or does every event need signed copies? What about the roster? Do I not need one if I have the paper forms?

What about a local kickoff? Does that need a roster? Does it need the Consent & Release forms for the whole team?

Looking for ways to streamline and simplify this. Any help is appreciated.

In the past I have printed the online roster as a cover sheet, mainly because the mentors being added to the team was pretty easy.

There was a second excel sheet with the students information (first name, last name, grade, and school they attend) followed by the individual consent forms. I kept the C&Rs in order and numbered based on the order set in the excel sheet, just in case someone wanted to cross reference.

At the start of the season I had every parent fill out 6 of the paper forms as it was hit or miss on if someone would accept the photocopied versions. (5 for all of the FIRST events, including kickoff, and a spare to have on file just in case)

Kickoff was the same deal plus whatever extra documentation that might have been needed to satisfy the organization (for me this was easy as my company hosted the local kickoff).

Students didn’t need to do anything online through the FIRST systems.

We also needed to have a C&R for the district organization and for the local kickoff… it was a lot of paper in a binder.

My memory is a bit blurry, but dont you need at least one kid in the system to submit awards? (if you plan on submitting for any awards)

Correct. Some years on Garnet Squadron, we’d have one or two kids with awesome parents be the awards submitters since we could walk them through painlessly.

Similar experience and resolution. I feel bad apologizing for the technical problems associated with FIRST registration. But from ground level we can only work with the system as it is, not as we wish it would be.

All my other interactions with FIRST administration have been superb.

T. Wolter