team rumble #338

Posted by Anton Abaya.

Student on team #419, Rambots, from UMass Boston / BC High and NASA, Mathsoft, Solidworks.

Posted on 3/20/2000 8:59 AM MST

ahh, how sweet it is. At kick-off, I helped the team leaders of this team and shared as much information I could about FIRST with them. We eventually bumped into one another at our regional and my team eventually became good friends with theirs. (when I say good friends, I mean there were also several boy meets girl instances.) They were so great and we became such good friends with them. We cheered for them because they didn’t have too many people, and we rejoiced with them when they won.

Eventually, when finals came, the Rambots robot was placed far behind in qualification pts due to technical difficulties and bad luck during the first few rounds. Luckily enough, the same team that we rooted for, the same team that we helped out, the same team that was now a seeded team, PICKED US to share in their glory of being in the finals. We placed 3rd in the competition with RUMBLE and the ROBODOGS.

We eventually found out that this team that had such an excellent robot, such excellent students, and great team leaders who were filled with passion and drive, told us that they were not going to Florida due to financial reasons. I told them that because of their success, I told them DO NOT GIVE UP. I told them to start looking for money as sponsors will want them now!

To make the long story short, a student on the team, Robin is her name, is now looking for money from many many sources. Robin, a sophomore in high school, has officially become a FIRSTaholic. She’s striving to get her team down there for after her great experience with all of us at the VA regional, she wants some more. And so does her team. Robin has joined the force.

I’m doing my best to help them from up here. They have worked so hard and have such promising students involved. They are the proof of the magic that happens in FIRST.


Posted by mike aubry.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Engineer on team #47, Chiefs, from Pontiac Central.

Posted on 3/21/2000 4:33 AM MST

In Reply to: team rumble #338 posted by Anton Abaya on 3/20/2000 8:59 AM MST:

Congrats on being a great spokesman and example of FIRST. Congrats on your team being picked and Goodluck to Robin! I hope she gets the support tha is needed and makes it to EPCOT.