Team San Diego : Arizona, Las Vegas and So Cal Regionals

On behalf of Team 812 The Midnight Mechanics, I would like to congratulate all the Team San Diego teams this season at the Arizona Regional, Las Vegas Regional and Southern California Regional. You guys represented Team San Diego with such enthusiasm and excitement. Hope you guys had fun and see you guys at nationals and/ or San Diego Scrimmage on May 21 and 22. :]

Arizona Regional Congrats to:

1266: Kleiner Perkins and Caulfeld Byers Entrepreneurship Award, J and J Sportsmanship Award, and making it to the Semi-finals

1527: All Star Rookie Award and making it to the Semi-finals

Las Vegas Regional Congrats to:

1266: Engineering Inspiration Award and making it to the Semi-finals

1527: :yikes: REGIONAL WINNERS:yikes: , Rookie Inspiration, and Website Design Award

1538: Semi-finalists

1572: Quarterfinalists

Southern California Regional Congrats to:

1079: Safety Award

1372: Quarterfinalists

1622: Highest Rookie Seed and Semi-finalists

Just a correction, 1622 along with 1452 and 188 made it into the semifinals at Southern California, before being defeated by the formidable alliance of 69, 330 and 634. However, I was impressed by their eagerness to follow strategy and their humbleness at simply being part of the main event. All weekend they came to offer assistance and help and I remember borrowing tools from their pit. They were one of the nicest teams there and it was a shame that we couldnt go further. But like they said, it was amazing just to be in that position their first year. Congratulations!