Team San Diego Battle at the Border Lock-In/Scrimmage!

Register now for the Team San Diego “Battle at the Border” Lock-In and Scrimmage in SUNNNNNY San Diego! The lock-in is May 19th and the scrimmage is May 20th! Register online at or mail in the attached registration form!

Cost for the lock-in is $50 per ROBOT
Cost for the scrimmage is $200 per ROBOT

BattleattheBorderRegistration.pdf (49.2 KB)

BattleattheBorderRegistration.pdf (49.2 KB)

Is there a list of teams that have signed up?

I know a few people are interested in my team on going.
heck I’m going even if our robot doesn’t :smiley:

If you are interested in signing up here is where you can do it. You will not officially be signed up until Team San Diego has received your payment.

Now that we’re 11 days away. Who’s going to the San Diego Scrimmage?

There is already a thread for that Here