Team schedule for Nationals

Alright, how does this go for everyone?

How are things like going to parks arranged? Is it a free-for-all, or planned beforehand? Are hotel rooms assigned, or are they chosen by team members who want to sleep together (ack… you know what I mean)? Is there a designated homework time (especially this Nationals, since it’s nowhere near anyone’s spring break), or are people generally responsible for their own actions?

Generally, what does your team do at Nationals and how is it handled?

well, we’re a rookie team, but i know for one, all students are in charge of work missed. we already chose rooms, and i believe in the parks and during competition, we’ll always been in a group of about 5 with a teacher. i don’t really like it, but maybe next time they’ll give us more slack.

Well we are kind of on our own LoL…our teachers/parents trust us and as long as we are where we are supposed to be when we have to be there, we can do what we want…it usually works out pretty well.

We get to roam the park, he only restriction is that we are there for the matches, FIRST has not much control of the ppl on the teams, we get to pick who is in our room, we are responcible for homework on our own, you should have some plan and places to meet durring the day to keep together and also a plan in place for any emergencies, basically we follow rules of good conduct and be responsible or face the Wrath Of Ray! :smiley:

in order…everything is planned beforehand, we all go to the parks on the same days. hotel rooms are usually ssigned but the mentors know who your friends are. We have no homework time. resposibility, well, we had a certain “incident” at MOE where the mentors might becme more strict thatn usual and i dont blame them. dont ask me what we did cause i dot want to explain it