Team SCREAM 4522 Robot Reveal](

Team SCREAM #4522 is proud to present our 2014 robot: The Mockingjay

Reveal Video:

Robot Specs:
6" Mecanum Drivetrain
JVN Style collector
Spring loaded catapult
1 and 2 ball autonomous

Team SCREAM will be competing at:
Arkansas Regional & Greater Kansas City Regional

It’s fast, can move sideways, throw far, and make the truss and high goal. There is NO WAY that you’ll not be going to the championship.

Certainly looks like a nice robot, but nothing is ever a sure thing. There are 30-60 teams at each regional, and only 3 get to win seats to championship by being good on the field.

Well, based on the reveal video, my robot would be severely decimated by their robot. then again, I am only in my rookie year, so… yeah.

As stated in the game this year it will be all about teamwork and not just the skill of any one team. But very nice robot.

Any particular reason you chose not to have a herder in the back?
Looks nice btw

Thanks for the feedback. We do not have a collector on the back because our winch mechanism sits up high and we wouldn’t be able to get a ball over it. We also liked the idea of being able to face the same direction for collecting and shooting because it seems to be easier to line up a shot.

Awesome robot! Can’t wait to be on the field with it, hopefully on the same alliance!:slight_smile:

Amazing job! We’ll see you at both Arkansas and Kansas City!

We have a similar design ! I can see many fine details put into this robot.

Do you have any plans on catching ?

We actually were able to catch a few during our scrimmage from other robots. It wasn’t real high on our list but if the opportunity arises we will certainly try. We have also entertained adding some more angled shields to the back side of the collector arms so that they can help catch better. If we are facing the goal with our arms down we have a pretty large catching zone.

Gavin and Canon,

We are looking forward to passing to both of your robots. I see a lot of catches being feasible in Arkansas!

Definitely! We will definitely stop by and say hi at the pits!:slight_smile: