Team SCREAM 4522 Rookie Robot

Team SCREAM (Smith-Cotton Robotics Engineering and Mathematics) 4522 is proud to present their rookie robot: MANTIS


Technical Specs

Drive train:
Custom water jet frame
6 wheel belt driven tank drive
VEX Pro shifters
6" AM performance wheels

4 disc linear shooter
59.5" to 83.5" elevator and shooter
Shoots in 2, 3 and 5 point goals.

Still working on our 12-18 point autonomous

Quick 10 point climb

Team SCREAM will be competing at the Greater Kansas City Regional and hopefully the Championships!

We want to give a special thanks to Team Titanium 1986 for their help this season. They devoted several hours to our team during the last weekend of their build season to helping us out. They are a class act.

We also really appreciate the rest of the Lee’s Summit alliance (Teams 1730 and 1987) for allowing us to use their field as well!

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Great first robot, guys! Solid offense and blocker in one…

Is that an illegal climb at the end? They come into contact with levels 0-2.

Our shooter never comes in contact with the second level. It looks like it is close but there is plenty of room. Thanks for the heads up though!

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Ok, it just looked like you guys were stopped by the 2nd level. But other than that, this looks amazing for a 1st year bot. Especially for being able to easily core in the pyramid goal from the ground. You guys will definitely make the elims.

Your comment really got me second guessing our climb! I have never seen it hit the shooter before and I know that I would want to avoid that at all costs due to the possibility of breaking it (and being illegal).

So I kept looking and looking at other videos and it appears to me that the bumpers hit the floor first which prevents the shooter from touching the second level. Whew! Good eye though and thanks again for the heads up.

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I don’t think this is a good 1st year robot. I think this is a good robot. You guys will surprise a lot of folks at your regional. Good design, good game play. good robot! congratz!

Rookie year? Scary good! :cool:
I particularly like that you did not build the most powerful shooter on Earth, but rather one that is quite capable of scoring three point goals, and then RELIABLY scoring five point goals, and can play defense.
Looking forward to seeing you (and hopefully being allied with you) in two weeks.

Also, I like how you integrated thanking your sponsors into your video.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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I agree that is a very nice robot, rookie team or otherwise.

I do have one concern. The motors for your shooter seem to pretty exposed. You get a very good look at what I mean at 1:36 of the video. I would be worried a bit about taking a hit from another robot or a frisbee and getting a wire disconnected. Especially if you intend to play some defense.

You might want to try to mount some protection around them.

Like I said at practice, this isn’t just a great rookie robot; this is a great robot! Great job guys! Can’t wait to see you at the GKC! :slight_smile:

Being able to score a 5-pointer is a really nice feature…good luck at competitions! :slight_smile: