Team SCREAM T-Shirt Cannon

Hello CD!

We wanted to introduce ourselves. We are team SCREAM (Smith Cotton Robotics Engineering and Mathematics) from Sedalia, MO. We just started our robotics program this last fall and are planning on competing in FRC next season.

This January to build interest in the robotics program we designed and built a t-shirt cannon. We learned a ton through this process. We also wanted to thank Team 254 for Shockwave and the inspiration that we gained from it.

Stunning work from Pre-rookies. I can see a great amount of success in the teams future.

Wow! This is way better than my veteran team’s t-shirt bot. You guys must have put a ton of effort and time into it. Just wondering since you said you are starting competition next year, did you organize the team this year and just decide to wait a year before competing, or what was the situation? Whatever it was, I’m sure you will be a force to be reckoned with on the field next year.

One question on the bot. Is the angle the bot shoots manually adjusted, or there a motor/mechanism that I don’t see?

That is really impressive. It looks very professional, which is always a good trait.

I am extremely impressed. I look forward to seeing you compete in events next year, and am sure that you will be embraced by the FRC community. As Michael said, you had the perspicacity to integrate strong aesthetic appeal into your design, which is something that really does make the difference in FRC.
Great Job!

I definitely need to keep track of your FRC Team Number, so I can go check you guys out at Greater Kansas City. With how your Scream Cannon turned out, you might possibly be a shoe in for something like Imagery or Rookie All Star at the very least

That’s really awesome!!!

Few questions, how far does it launch?

How about how much did it cost to build?

Thanks for all of the compliments! We are really excited to be a part of the robotics community and cannot wait to take in part in FRC.

We started a small team this fall with four students. We competed in the BEST Robotics Competition for our first competition. After BEST we recruited more students and decided to pass on FRC this season due to low numbers. We thought that one of the best ways to generate student numbers and interest was to build this t-shirt cannon. It has been a huge hit among the student body, the administration and the community.

We went from four members in the fall to around 15 in January and now we have 30+ students participating in our robotics program. We had the privilege of attending the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis with ten of our team members as well. They had a blast and got to see first hand the best of the best.

Here are some more details on our t-shirt cannon:

Launch Capability:
It can fire t-shirts about 30 yards at the 60 degree pitch. It can fire foam footballs 50+ yards. We can fire t-shirts across our gym and hit all areas of the bleachers from half court which works great for us.

Launch angles:
We have manual pitch adjustment on this robot. We would like to put an electronic motor on it in the future. At this point we use a quick release pin and set it to the desired angle. We usually keep it at 60 degrees as it provides the most arc for our shots.

We spent around $2,500 for this robot. That does not include the metal and tanks that were provided by our sponsors. We had to buy everything else though.

Super rookies are best rookies.

Really impressive launcher. It would be cool if you put together a bill of materials and possibly instructions for other teams.

WOW! :yikes:
That is a pretty cool T-Shirt launcher, especially for pre-rookies! I have been trying to get my team to build one for some time, but we are always busy with other stuff.

If you are coming to the St. Louis regional, I would love to meet you guys! I always like seeing high-caliper rookies.

Keep up the great work! :smiley:

Looks amazing, you guys will certainly be rookies-to-watch!

that’s a really cool!

I hope you put together a paper on this robot so other teams can see how you designed and built it. I know our team would be very interested in the design.

We are working on an informational video that will go over our design and the things that did/didn’t work for us.

Nice to see more teams in the area! Look forward to competing with you at GKC. The t-shrit bot looks phenomenal too!

I also would like to see plans, etc…