Team Search- Boston MA

I was hoping to find someone who has contact with team 6301, N.E.R.D.S. I just moved to Attleboro, MA and was hoping to mentor a local team. I work in Canton at a food processing equipment manufacturer. If you have any contact with this team, or are on a team near Attleboro, or Canton please feel free to message me or reply here.

If you don’t get a referral through CD or any other conduit you’ve searched, let me suggest contacting one of the FIRST Senior Mentors for eastern Massachusetts (or Rhode Island). They usually have contacts for the teams in their area of responsibility, and hooking mentors up with teams is part of what they do.

One of their sponsors is Bristol-Plymouth Voc Tech which I would assume is the school they work out of so you may be able to get into contact with the team through the school itself. Idk any info about the school or even if it has a website with contact info or even if they are affiliated in such a way the the school can get you in contact with them. I pulled that info from their TBA page. Keep in mind that there are sometimes teams who just never come back after their first season which could very well be the case with 6301. Also there is a good chance you won’t be able to get into contact with them until at least the school year starts if not a fair bit later.

Edit: On the blue alliance you can search for nearby teams by entering your current zip code into the team finder function. This can help you find teams that are in your area.

Here is the that link to the zip code finder for teams that are within 100 miles of the 02703 zip code which according to Google is one of like 3 zips in Attleboro so idk if it’s the right one. According to that there are 3 teams that are all 9 miles away 6301 being one of them. The other two are 3780 and 1350.

thank you I actually used that to find this team and after some research i found them and thought they seemed to need the most help. Having created my own team and knowing the struggles we went through i hope to be a valuable asset for them.

In an effort to reach out to other nearby teams, feel free to contact me on behalf of my team. We’re about 35 minutes away from 6301’s school.

I PM’ed you the Lead Mentor’s contact information. Please let me know if you have any issues getting in touch with him.

I will be moving to the area (Pawtucket, RI) in September, and will be looking for a team. if you get in touch with 6301 and they are looking for mentors please reach out.

Could you send the contact info my way as well?

Hi folks, like GeeTwo, said, reach out to your FSM. That would be me. Drop me an email at if you still need assistance.

Thanks Dana, Steve from 88 sent some contact info, if that doesn’t work out then I will get in touch.