Team section??

i would like to suggest you add a team section ware teams can set up their own group so the individual teams can post team bulletins and make it easier for teams to get connected on chief Delphi
i hope you consider my suggestion
please get back to me with a response

What do you think?

I think its easy to have each team run there own forum or mailing list if they want that. Having to create 1300 sub forums seems like alot with little benifit.

i agree but what i mean is like a team list so you can send messages to your whole team at once or just so you can find team members easier
i don’t mean i want them to make a sub forum for each team

You can go to the members link and sort by team number. You can also search the members by team number. Someone has also created a Fire Fox plug in to search by team number. That would help for finding someone on your team. As for sending them a message the current vBulletin restriction is five users per PM. I am unaware if Brandon can change that, you might want to PM him about that matter.

i under stand that you can find members of your team in the members list but i think it would be nice and more convenient to have a team list it is just a request not a demand

Here is a team list for FRC 1111

Bookmark it and your request is solved. :slight_smile:

The point of ChiefDelphi is to allow people to connect to people from many different teams, not with their own team.

Why not just set up an email list of all your members and email it to them. I would assume that if you’re on the same team as someone, you’d be able to get their emails very easily and set up a mailing list, GoogleGroup, etc.

thanks but thats not what i meant
i was thinking like friends list that will show if they are online or not and so you could message each other easyer

There is a buddy list. You go to thier profile and click “add to buddy list”

It is later viewable in “Quick Links” you can click a check box to send PMs to multiple people

…why didn’t I think of that before.

When you bookmark the link like Michelle said earlier, it will tell you if they’re online.

And why do you need to message them so badly? Can’t you just email them? Or IM them? Talk to them on GTalk?