Team Shirts - Whats Your Favorite

I see topics about favorites but i never really seen a “what your favorite teams shirt” i know that shirts change every year but i would like to know what team shirt did you like this year (2007) i would have to say i like the desperate penguin shirt the front was the belly of a penguin with a bowtie and the back was all black your head was to represent the penguins head i just loved the shirt it remined me of Happy Feet

I love 111 and 25’s shirts they are ones that I wear around cause they always look good.

I’ve long liked the jerseys/shirts/whatever of 111, 25, and 365.

However, when it comes to regular T-shirts, there’s also a lot of great ones. 45’s shirt fit perfectly with their theme this year, and 233’s always act as good camo around their pit. I’ve always liked the look of 357’s–they just plain look awesome. 1902’s baseball tees were awesome (though their polos were even awesome-er).

There are a metric ton of black team T-shirts in FRC for some reason, but 1504 made them look like something other than a black team T-shirt. For just accomplishing that much, they get a nod from me.

gota love moe’s brightness and waldo’s rugby touch.

45’s shirts (and button-ups) were awesome looking this year. I also liked 703’s button-ups with the flames on the sides (although I couldn’t get any, heh). 365 had a good color choice for their shirts :wink:

Seeing a mass of neon green every day during Championships right across the pit from us was awesome and inspiring (have to mention their team when inspiration is mentioned). For this, MOE deserves my recognition. They’re just plain bright.

I also enjoy team 1002’s shirts with the little dude on the front. My dad found one in the stands as we were cleaning up and it’s now hanging on my wall. I wasn’t able to get any other teams’ shirts this year because I was super busy, but I’ve got a team 79 shirt from 2005 with all of their signatures. I love that shirt, too bad it doesn’t fit me anymore.

I’m a pretty BIG fan of the “Free Hugs and Robot Love” shirts that Clover HighSchool used to wear last year. I also really like the 233 shirts. ( Hot pink and a NASA symbol? Can’t get any better than that! ) ;]

I like the “I like robots” shirts of 269. They kind of exemplify how we all feel at the competitions. :cool:

Who had the “nice rack” shirts? Those cracked me up every time I saw them.