Team Shirts

Hey CD,

What does your team do with Team Shirts at competition? Does your team make you wear them on all Three days? Friday and Saturday? or just Saturday?

We wear our team shirts/sweatshirts all three days. It’s important to establish your image and be easily recognizable by everyone there!

Are the shirts all the same, or are they different?

Our team has many shirts with the same color, so some on the team are proposing we only wear this year’s shirt on Saturday because of some fear of BO or something like that. I want to wear our competition shirts on Friday and Saturday atleast

We typically wear out team T-Shirts on Thursday and Friday, and wear our team Polos on Satruday

On UPS we usually enforce wearing team shirts/hoodies all 3 days, Friday shirt should have the modern 1675 logo, and you must wear the newest team shirt on Saturday. Take off hoodies before awards ceremony to show off sponsors in case an award is won (sometimes this is forgotten in heat of the moment). Sometimes we do “Throwback Thursday” as well with old team shirts.

This year we have a fun team shirt to wear on Thursday, another one with all our sponsors for friday, and a team polo for saturday

Our Team Makes a fun Spirt shirt with there nickname and team number for one day ,Plain green shirts ( school color ) with fabric paint great team builder at the hotel and the team has a lot of fun with it

Our team wears different shirts each competition day: Saturday is our season specific sponsor shirt; Friday is our generic off-season shirt; Thursday is a team shirt from previous years, or for new members, just a red shirt – preferably with the school on it.

Our Team wears a team T-shirt on Thursday (w/ all our sponsors on the back) and Team Polo Shirts on Friday and Saturday.

Students are required to wear team shirt and black pants or shorts.
No exceptions.

Ever since the first flight back from Epoc the team has had different shirts for each day. The students design new shirts each year and each shirt has a day that it must worn. They buy the shirts and get to keep them.

BO is a valid concern - trust me. Wearing one shirt for three days will lead to a very unpleasant ride home for the people in your car or bus.

We only have one shirt design, but we give each student two shirts their rookie year for hygiene reasons. Team shirts/hoodies are required while travelling and at the events, with black pants required for competition days only.

And I ordered plenty of extras so I don’t have to wear the same shirt each day… Or I could sell them to people at school

They are all more or less the same - same color, same logo, etc… Our sponsors change slightly year to year, so people may notice the backs are a little different depending on which year’s shirt is being worn. The majority of our sponsors (especially our major sponsors) are the same every year.

Good point here - Shirts are part of the image, but everything else counts as well. On Thursday (practice day) the students all wear jeans. Friday and Saturday, however, they change to their school skirts and pink tights (it’s an all-girls team from a catholic high school). Overall, it creates a very distinctive look for the team, and makes us highly memorable - something every team is looking for!

We stick to team shirts every time the team appears in public (at the state fair, doing demos, off season competitions, etc), and most often jeans.

I agree on this point as well - the t-shirt is not, by any means, the only way to maintain an image. Idealy, the general color template for the tshirts should be the same from year to year, but the images on the shirt can change. For this year, our team forwent t-shirts in favor of jerseys (Because it’s a basketball themed game). It came as a surprise to us how, at Greater Kansas City, we were the only team there to have went for the game jersey design. However, this is not our defining feature. For Metal Mustang Robotics, the defining feature of our team is the silver cowboy hats we require our team to wear.

tl;dr: Maintain a color scheme year to year, and if possible, add accessories to your “uniform” that is destinct to your team.

I wish every day was Throwback Thursday…

Our team wears team t-shirts every day. In past years, we have had 3 different shirts - one maroon, one navy, and one black (our team colors) - but other teams found that a bit confusing.

This year, we decided to use a gray base and print our logo and our sponsors navy, maroon, and black. We have our sponsors on our backs every day (they enable us to participate in FIRST, and we believe they deserve the recognition). We also put our team number in binary on the bottoms of our shirts, just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

This year the Saturday of the Utah Regional falls on St. Patrick’s Day, and in commemoration of that, we’ve decided wear shirts with a green logo partially made with shamrocks. I can post pictures later.

On a side note, in 2010, our school’s multimedia teacher made our shirts in illustrator and accidentally left out one zero in our binary number xD Instead of 2993 (101110110001), we were 1497 (10111011001)

I should point out that there is an exception if a team member volunteers.

Well, yes, this is true. But for point of analogy, the volunteers have their own destinct uniform of Blue/Green/Red polo, or game t-shirt and hat, or ref shirt that makes them destinctly part of the “team” they’re affiliated with.

This year, Thursday will be our Build Season T-Shirt and Friday/Saturday will be Competition Shirts