Team Shirts

I saw some interesting team shirts at LA and San Diego, but that was a small fraction of the total shirts. Lets see em’!

2102 Team Paradox
Yes, very dirty, I know, but what do you expect when we wear them to school every Tuesday.

Here are some other student-made shirts we made for our robotics people.

Are the “Tap That” shirts for sale? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh my god my team was thinking about making shirts for next year that said i would tap that with basically the same picture.

Lol, those are pretty nice. I’ll try to get a picture of one of our shirts

Front: “I Live My Life 15 Seconds At a Time”
Back: “I <3 Autonomous Mode”

The “Tap That” shirts were for sale at our school, but they were so popular that they sold out and the screen printing class is ending in a week and he won’t be able to make more.

The “Tap That” shirts remind me of a shirt I saw at VCU 2006, which said the same thing and had a picture of an engine block and a tap. :rolleyes:

Here is our current shirt



Here is the shirts we used for a long time, up to this year. We had one green, one orange, and one yellow



I love the “tap that” shirts.
(maybe you guys could find a professional shop to do them?)

And I don’t have a picture, but I loved the shirts from the Chargers Regional Invitational; on the back it said:
One ball, two ball,
Red ball, Blue ball.

FIRST twist on a classic story.

I totally agree! I know myself, and probably most of my team, would love a shirt like that.

As far as team shirts go, we’ve used the same design for almost all of our 13 years. So the bright yellow shirts are here to stay =]

I always like the Team 4 shirts, never knew a number could be that huge on a back of a shirt.

I’d love to get my hands on one of those “Tap That” shirts.

If I had to put three fewer digits on our shirts, I think I could super-size things pretty well. :wink:

This was 1618’s 2008 shirt:

I did the design (using Intaglio, if you wondered), and it was actually my first real attempt at designing a shirt. Somehow, the city was left off of the bottom of the front–which could potentially be an issue when a team called Capital Robotics from Columbia High School competes thirty minutes from Washington in Maryland (where’s there’s also a Columbia, though thankfully for our sakes no Columbia High School!)

There’s a few things I’d fiddle with on the design, but overall it worked. (And when our shirts were only two colors–white has to go underneath the gold–we couldn’t argue with the cost savings.)

The history of our shirts are documented here.

Wow, the “Tap That” could be a good fund raiser. Put it up for sale on one of the many many t-shirt sites, sell it to all the nerds.

Perhaps stick a first logo on the back so that when you sell them to the world, you convert the masses.

Picture of the shirt design we have used for the past couple of years:

being the shirt designer for our team for all of it’s years in existence, it’s nice to hear compliments on the design here and there.

Here are team 4 shirts from the past two years:
07: (Most popular) huge phoenix coming from the bottom:

This year’s design:

every year our shirts always have a HUGE four on both the side shoulder as well as the back like so:

Can’t wait to find out which team I’ll be making shirts for next year ! :wink:

Here’s the Lightning Robotics Shirt Archive Every team shirt and hat is pictured, with the exception of the 2002 polo, all the way back to our days as team 465.

Front of the drive team shirts with the Short History of FIRST on it

and the back of the drive team shirts(other members just had “Team 348”)

Attached are our end of the year t-shirts

Front: Consisting of our Bullet Bill Hammer and Cheer “Ahhhh Boom!”

Back: Overdrive Logo, Team Logo, Students, Mentors, and Awards


AHHHH-BOOM-Final Front.jpg

AHHHH-BOOM-Final Front.jpg

team 1902s shirts for the past two years.
On the back it just lists our sponsers that helped support us that year