Team slogans/cheers

My team is very excited for 2015 kick off, and recently we have been brainstorming idea’s for a cheer or slogan for our team, but so far, we have nothing… I was just wondering what other teams cheers/slogans were, so that maybe we can get an idea and make one for our team (Team 4946, Apha Dogs). Thanks guys!

Our mascot is a yeti, and we live in a very snowy part of the US

We’ve got ice!
We’ve got snow!
Go go go!

I remember hearing from 772 at Champs:

Team 7 - 7 Who?

Team 7 - 7 - 2!

Some from around MN/I’ve heard at MN regionals that stick out (some of which are just numbers)

From 2052:

Call: “Let me hear a holler”
Response: “KnightKrawler!”

From 2220:

Call: “Who are we?”
Response: “Twenty-two-twenty!”

From 1714:
(something like: )

“What’s better than robotics?”

If you’re a school-based team, you might also try borrowing some of your school’s sporting cheers. For a while “GO BIG BLUUUE!” “GO BIG BLUE.” was a pretty common cheer for 2220 (borrowed from our high school who borrowed it from elsewhere). Especially pertinent if you have a similar mascot.

We’ve got two slogans we used. The first was using our team name.

“We’re team 2348, the coolest geeks you’ll ever meet.”

Then we had a nerdy one.

“There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Us Cool Geeks and those who have no idea what we’re talking about.”

And in the bottom right of the shirt

“You really don’t know binary, do you?”

We have a wholeindex of cheers we use every year.

Exploding Bacon’s official motto is “Where Pigs Fly” due to our logo.

Bacon has two main cheers.

The more common, quick cheer is a call and response usually started by a team member yelling “Oink Oink” and the team responding with a resounding “Boom!” As a team we repeat that three times.

The second is another call and response but it’s longer and slightly more complicated. It starts with a team member yelling “Who’s got more Bacon then the pan can handle” the team responds as a group, “We’ve got more Bacon then the pan can handle”, this is repeated once. Then the initial caller yells “Oink”, the team responds, “Oink”, this happens twice and then the whole team yells “Oink Oink Boom”. So in a line it looks like this:

“Who’s got more Bacon then the pan can handle?”
“We’ve got more Bacon then the pan can handle!”
“Who’s got more Bacon then the pan can handle?”
“We’ve got more Bacon then the pan can handle!”
“I said Oink”
“Oink Oink Boom”

The original cheer came about because one of our original mentors was a big fan of call and response cheers and wanted Bacon to have one of our own. In fact he originally wanted the cheer to be Oink Oink Bang! Luckily we talked him out of that one.

One of my favorites that my team used was in 2013. We had a pretty powerful full court shooter that won us the CT regional, and every time we began firing full court, we would all chant “MAKE IT RAIN! MAKE IT RAIN!” along with doing the hand motion insinuating we were throwing money at the field. Heh.

Adding to the cheers I know, for ideas:

(Announcer) Team 15… 20…
(Team) 25! 30!

21! (Number here)!

38!83! Who are we? Data bits! Data bits! Who are we? 38!83!
(It’s funny because paldrinomes).

I think just chanting the team numbers will always work. :smiley:

My team (2605) is the Sehome Seamonsters, Sehome is our school. Our slogan is “let’s get kraken!” and our cheer is “see what?” (one or two people) “SEHOME” (everyone)

We don’t have a special cheer persay but we have a special clap!

My team doesn’t have a standard cheer, but I’ll share a few that have stuck with me. I really like to join in with the fun ones :rolleyes:

From 68 (Truck Town Thunder):
P1: Who are, who are, who are we?
Team: We are, we are T3!

From 862:
8-6-2! Orange and blue!

From 27 (with clapping):
G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G. Good morning, hey hey, good morning!

Here on Team 20, we have a few cheers we’re getting ready to test out at our upcoming off season events with our new members.

The first one we’ll use at the beginning of the matches, and is a traditional call-and-response.

1st Person- Rocket- what?
Team- Rocketeers!
1st Person- Rocket- WHAT?
Team- RockeTEERS!
1st Person- ROCKET- WHAT?
everyone cheers

The second cheer is used during to match, and is a play on the usual “red/blue all-ai-ance” cheer. It usually gets the most cheering to go with it, and can end when the ball is scored. “Let’s go tw-enty”

Some advice for creating a chant; always remember that it has to be catchy, and simple to catch on to for newer team members. It can involve either your team number or mascot. A good way to teach it to the team would be either at a sort of “pep- rally” type 10 minutes at the beginning of a meeting, or, if you’re pressed for time, I would recommend doing it on the bus ride over.

We have a page just for spirit :stuck_out_tongue: Click on “MOE Cheer,” if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic Region that’s what you’ll be hearing!

This year, someone thought it would be a good idea to put a enlarged head of our human player (Nick) on a stick

So then we started making Nick on a Sticks

997’s cheer/war cry is:
Leaders: We are!
Leaders: We are!
Usually accompanied by a couple of team members with shields, capes and chestplates, all emblazoned with our team logo, and last year we had a Chinese paper dragon thing that went flying past/.

Team 810 has so many cheers! My favorite is pretty new; it goes “B! Pump it up pump it up! U-L! Keep it going keep it going! L-S! What up what up? B-U-L-L-S! (Bulls!)”
We also cheer “Lets go! 8-1-0!” (as seen in my signature), “What Team?”-“810!”, and “B-U-L-L-S! (What team?)”. Members of our team also tend to yell “Team 8 Terry” pretty frequently, especially around our mentor :slight_smile:

We did this with our human player at MSC

Coach on a stick, i remember!